Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Business name Blanche Associe Co., Ltd.
Operation manager Kazuya Endo
location 〒150-0013
Crest Ebisu 904, 4-4-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3449-5641
email address ■■ Enter your email address for inquiries ■■
Selling price The amount displayed on the product page (tax included)
Incidental expenses other than product price Shipping fee: Flat shipping fee within Japan: 880 yen (tax included) *Delivery to Okinawa and Hokkaido: 1,000 yen Bank transfer fee: Varies depending on the financial institution
Payment method Various credit cards/Amazon Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Paypal/Cash on delivery/Mobile carrier payment/Bank transfer/Deferred payment (Payday)
Payment period Credit card: When billed by your credit card company
Google Pay/Apple Pay/Amazon Pay/PayPal: Mobile carrier payment at the time of billing of each credit company registered for each account: Combined bank transfer when paying the mobile phone bill of your contracted carrier: Payment in deferred payment after order completion (Payday): Convenience store payment and bank transfer will be deducted until the 10th, and account transfer will be deducted on the 12th.
Delivery period of products etc. 3-4 business days from order
Possibility and conditions for returns

If you would like to return or exchange an item, please contact us in advance by email or phone.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.

・If you open the product box or package
・Products whose tags have been removed ・Some paint has peeled off on some decorative items ・Products that have been delivered for more than a week ・Products whose tags have been lost ・Products that have been used even once Products/Made-to-order products (made-to-order products)
・Specially limited items (specially limited items with a particularly short sales period)
・If damage or staining occurs due to customer negligence (including packaging and accessories)
・Sale items ・Returns due to customer's convenience (wrong image, wrong size, wrong order, etc.)
・Other items that clearly show signs of use (e.g. perfume/cigarette smell, cosmetics attached, product damage, stains, etc.)
*Also, please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer reasons such as the product being different from the image or the size not fitting.