Our wish is for everyone to live a daily life filled with dreams and hopes.

The selection criteria for BLANCHE products is functional, simple, and modern design.
The basic structure of the design incorporates the "minimalism style" of straight lines and circles advocated by Bauhaus, the highest peak of modernism.
We have extracted only the minimum and maximum necessary items for daily use in modern Japan.
By fusing the natural thought of the East with the theoretical thought of the West,
We will continue to create new modern styles.

BLANCHE means blanc (white) in French.
Our desire to continue to be a simple, high-quality campus,
Welcoming new beginnings in a state of eternal neutrality.
It has the meaning.

ASSOCIES means communication (connection) between people.
Important and precious resources are the assets of the earth. Even if we use this precious resource,

We will share what is necessary and useful for people by incorporating the opinions of many people.

I will think about it.

We believe that this "BLANCHE = pure white"

We place great importance on the combination of the words "ASSOCIES = connections."

Blanche Associe Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kazuya Endo