What is DIL?

Dil Tea is passionate about tea and respecting its history.

We will work with tea farms that continue to produce heartfelt tea to deliver it in the best condition.

THE DIL TEA (heartfelt dilty)

Healthy and delicious full leaf tea.

For dill tea, each tea leaf is carefully hand-picked.

We will continue to provide tea leaves that are filled with the heart of "dill".

HOW TO ENJOY (other fun)

All dill teas are teas that can be enjoyed straight.

If you want to add some sweetness, we recommend using sugar or acacia honey.


The expiry date of dill tea is printed on the package.

Please enjoy it as soon as possible after opening.

If you want to store it, move it to a sealed container and keep it in a vacuum.

Please store in a cool, dry place.

INGREDIENTS (raw materials and ingredients)

Many dill teas are accented with fruits, spices, herbs, flowers, and flavors.

The raw ingredients are purchased from various specialists, each with their own history.

We always value encounters with fresh and new raw materials.

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