DAN カトラリーシリーズ

DAN cutlery series

Dan is a nickname for Denmark. A fusion of Scandinavian interior design and Japanese tradition.

The stainless steel has a soft hairline that fits in your hand, and the final finish is finished by a hand-polished master.

Crafted from solid wood with no seams. The balanced weight distribution under the guidance of a professional chef makes it very easy to hold and reduces fatigue.

DAN's concept is a collaboration between Scandinavian dining furniture and traditional Japanese beauty.

Made of solid 18/8 stainless steel, it is finished in one piece so that there is no connection between the handle and head.

In addition, the weight balance between the handle and head has been carefully considered to prevent fatigue during use.

All cutlery has a hairline finish, making it easy to clean fingerprints and water stains, and can be used without hesitation for everyday meals.

The knives are made in the same factory as forged knives for Europe, and the quality and sharpness are the same as the highest quality, making them suitable for meat and fish dishes.

Straight lines with a sense of tension and curves that fit comfortably in the hand.

We are particular about inheriting the ancient tradition of "handmade culture" by hand-polishing and finishing each piece by hand by Japan's most experienced craftsmen.

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